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Inspired by the works of Oscar Wilde in his youth, JD designs items to inspire himself to be as witty as the famed writer.


In this era of touch screen technology and computers, JD still handwrites the first draft of his scripts, for some totally oddball reasons. 


Now these are items that he likes to share the experience of handwriting to, for school, for meetings, for notetaking, and for some old school swag in penning with just pens and paper. 

With the help of ShopOnlineLah you can use these essentials that he designs and uses himself! 

Also, with an extra $30 bucks, JD will pen a personalized message in the book! Information at the bottom! 


Paints and Brush

You’ll never remember a good comeback. Best to write it down. 

<description of notepad>


Paints and Brush

For some reason, JD still handwrites scripts. 

<Description of pen>


If you like a personalized message (for yourself or your friends) from JD, hit the <insert button>.


For 30 Singapore dollars ($35 outside of Singapore), and tell us about the person you want this to go out to, JD will pen something on the first page! The more detailed, the better!


Messages that are encouraging or positive only! 

Paints and Brush
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